GEORGIA-AMERICA ART BRIDGE ENSEMBLE This amazing troupe is comprised of professionals with the most stunning dancing abilities to be seen including Caucasian toe dancing; short sword and shield fencing which cause steel sparks to fly; and breathtaking dagger flinging. Theirs is the best of traditional (and phenomenal) Georgian dance.
DSC_0107p.jpg Émilie Thibault I my name it's Émilie Thibault. I'm a professional circus artiste from Québec Canada. If you need only some acts, a 1h00 show whit live band and circus, or only a singer. I have what you are looking for.
DuoSu DuoSu are International Acrobats who create unique high level Acrobatics Acts and Aerial performances. They have performed all over the globe, from Europe to China and at many red carpet events. Videos and pictures of their full Acts are available on their website: DuoSu are suitable for all events: from Corporate, T.V and Stage, to Cabaret, Community and Festivals.
1979240_628170920570586_1414886627_o.jpg Fluxo Aerial silks provide a vertical space where bodies unite in harmony, making a unique and elegant game of trust, energy and flexibility possible.
da534e1e36a4bdf3223fc7a500dc53cb_Fotor0213125046.jpg The Acrobattys female duo acrobatic/contortion/comedy
Side_Planche.jpg Andy Aerial Straps, Hand to hand and Handstand Artist.
Fizziks.jpg Fizzxiks Experienced comedy acrobats - two highly watchable interactive characters Eccentric balances, tumbling and audience participation. Head to head to foot to head to hand to hand balances. 15 minutes in cabaret or 30minutes acrobatic spectacular. Walkabout characters and actors.
Mr-Be-3.jpg MR BE The Acrobatic and Interactive Clown Show as seen on BBC TV and many a fully clogged street festival
Trifl1.jpg The flying Trifleenees Acrobatic cakes…4 delicious and tasty gentlemen.. 20 minutes of non-stop acrobatic fun from tumbles and balances to impossible feats of strength and daring do!
ae213d411d7c792c6a3e435d144ddeda_Swamp_Circus-_Acro_Duo_4.jpg Swamp Circus Acrobatic Duo A spectacular acrobatic duo, who will mesmerise any audience with their strength, outstanding flexibility and astonishing pair acrobatic moves.