GEORGIA-AMERICA ART BRIDGE ENSEMBLE This amazing troupe is comprised of professionals with the most stunning dancing abilities to be seen including Caucasian toe dancing; short sword and shield fencing which cause steel sparks to fly; and breathtaking dagger flinging. Theirs is the best of traditional (and phenomenal) Georgian dance.
lodestar_14.png Lavrak Races to the places you’ve never seen Your love for the obscene has been met and matched Come forward and snatch what you’ve never seen before
452672e2627bb2d1379098d43e7c93ff_335680_10150368052230803_1353591149_o.jpg Pema Wainwright Professional actress and musician, play clarinet, bass clarinet, percussion and can sing. Can dance in a variety of styles - contemporary, belly dance, salsa, flamenco, basic ballet and yoga Can also speak competent french Our band, Caracana... Caracana is an uplifting Nos Lowen or Cornish Ceilidh folk group MORE...
band_in_weybread.jpg Swervy World Dance Band, Show Band, Circus Band, Theatre Band, Street Band. Seriously accomplished Musicianship with a good sense of fun!
img_2555.jpg Flying Jenny Trained dancer and aerialist specialising in corde lisse and aerial silks.
fabia-D90-11821.jpg La Fabia Renowned flamenco performer and teacher. Native to the Camargue. Working throughout Fance The UK and Europe.
eloise.jpeg Eloise Dancer, Fire Performer, Stilt walker, acrobatics and aerial silks artist
SpBreaching.jpg Claudia Caolin Claudia Caolin: One of the UKs leading flamenco dancers, Claudia provides solo or ensemble flamenco dance shows for festivals and theaters. Her Company "Claudia Caolin Y Compania" Have toured extensively producing theater shows in collaboration with many of Europe's leading musicians and dancers.