GEORGIA-AMERICA ART BRIDGE ENSEMBLE This amazing troupe is comprised of professionals with the most stunning dancing abilities to be seen including Caucasian toe dancing; short sword and shield fencing which cause steel sparks to fly; and breathtaking dagger flinging. Theirs is the best of traditional (and phenomenal) Georgian dance.
452672e2627bb2d1379098d43e7c93ff_335680_10150368052230803_1353591149_o.jpg Pema Wainwright Professional actress and musician, play clarinet, bass clarinet, percussion and can sing. Can dance in a variety of styles - contemporary, belly dance, salsa, flamenco, basic ballet and yoga Can also speak competent french Our band, Caracana... Caracana is an uplifting Nos Lowen or Cornish Ceilidh folk group MORE...
DuoSu DuoSu are International Acrobats who create unique high level Acrobatics Acts and Aerial performances. They have performed all over the globe, from Europe to China and at many red carpet events. Videos and pictures of their full Acts are available on their website: DuoSu are suitable for all events: from Corporate, T.V and Stage, to Cabaret, Community and Festivals.
Portrait_1.jpg Jill Lamede Actor with a wealth of experience. Storyteller for adults and older children. Audio artist/narrator.
Side_Planche.jpg Andy Aerial Straps, Hand to hand and Handstand Artist.
Ali_Jones_April_09__009-001.jpg Ali Jones Stunning aerial performance on rope, silks, hoop, trapeze and harness, dynamic and beautiful acts to suit any event, show or corporate entertainment. All acts can be tailor made to suit specific themes or style.
007-Claire_Patrick_133x200.jpg claire patrick Claire is a passionate, confident and well-trained actor with a wealth of experience in theatre, TV, film, corporate and voiceover.
Stratford_Circus_0063.jpg Aurelie Bernard Aurélie Bernard Stylish and extravagant aerial performer
img_2555.jpg Flying Jenny Trained dancer and aerialist specialising in corde lisse and aerial silks.
881f8646ee77202cbe264048d9d453a0_lindsy1.jpg Lindsay Kwabana An elegant and highly skilled all round circus performer