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Pema Wainwright


Caracana A celtic music group specialising in Cornish music, but also performing a lot of original material. In 2005 we made a CD ‘For the Love of It’, in 2012 the second CD ’The banks of the Fowey’ was released and we are in the process of recording a third. I play both soprano and bass clarinet in this band, as well as sing. We play either in concert or for dancing. 1997 - Current

Lost in Space This is a unique band playing mostly original music with a Spanish/blues feel to it. I sing and play a variety of percussion instruments with this group including djembe, caxixi, triangle, cow bell, agogo bells and samba shaker! 2004 - 2010

Shashara A belly dancing group. We have a variety of styles in our repertoire with dances being performed in large or small groups (of two or three dancers) and also solo dances. 2002 - 2007

Kescana A Capella singing, in close harmony. We specialise in Cornish songs, both traditional and contemporary, singing numerous songs in the old Cornish language. We also enjoy songs from Africa, Bulgaria, Ireland and more - giving us an extremely varied repertoire. We have produced three CDs, one in conjunction with instrumental group Pyba, of medieval Cornish carols in 2001, ‘The Guisers Season’ in 2007 and our third ’The Merry Maidens’ was released in 2013. 1988 - Current

The Hornets A street band made up of brass instruments, woodwind and percussion. Lively Cornish music with harmonies for processions and street entertainment. 2003 - Current

Cabbage Stalks A folky clarinet trio focusing on intricate harmonies. 2008 - current

Drumba A samba band. In this group I mainly play the surdo, but I also play, the tamborim, agogo bells, caxixi and shakers. 1998 - 2006


Corporate Entertainment, Casting, Music, Street Shows and Festivals, Background Artist, Acting, Dance

Main Sub - Categories: N/A Band


Dancing (belly dance and contemporary), acting, singing, clarinet & bass clarinet, samba drumming and other percussion, storytelling, lighting design and operation, sound production, stage management, choreography and good conversational french. Also accountancy, organisational and managerial skills.



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