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GEORGIA-AMERICA ART BRIDGE ENSEMBLE of Batumi, GEORGIA is a most incredible troupe with a mastermind choreographer, offering a true feast for the eyes and an entirely unique experience which will holds any audience in thrall. Recently, our performers thrilled audiences in the Al Ain Shopping Mall complex in Abu Dhabi, UAE, to great applause and assurances that theirs was the most impressive performance seen there.

They are directed by Temuri Koridze, an American-Georgian artist most known worldwide as the choreographer of and original soloist in CIRQUE DU SOLEIL's "VAREKAI" touring show's Georgian Dance Act, specially recruited by the show's director, Dominic Champagne. The repertoire he has created for the ensemble offers some of the most captivating and innovative performances to be witnessed onstage which are comprised of such demanding feats of physical prowess that acrobats fear to attempt them. Their thrilling works of dance incorporate short sword and dagger fights, which cause true steel sparks to fly; knuckle toe dancing and tour knee jumps of the men; and the women surprise with their gliding, ofttimes swanlike grace and quick, intricate footwork.

As well as an amazing and unique repertoire this ensemble has an incredible show which was recently produced here in Batumi, Georgia and is dedicated to the history of Georgia. "GEORGIA - 8TH WONDER OF THE WORLD" takes its audience through the political and cultural history of the country in a most intricate and alluring performance of continuous dance with accompanying music, songs and intermittent, active narration. It depicts the resilient spirit and nature of the country which remains intact despite its numerous threats and invasions of the past, and even of today.

Our performers are not only trained in their technically challenging traditional Georgian folk dance; but, they are also trained in classical ballet technique, other countries' traditional folk forms, as well as in such dance forms as flamenco, ballroom, latin dance, et cetera. Also, many of them are well versed in their traditional polyphonic singing and play various instruments.

This ensemble has several programs of varying duration prepared, which are designed for varying occasions and locations. Also, when called for, they easily adapt to other choreographers' works, requiring little time to learn them.


Numerous medals and certificates received as well as monetary and first place titles; have represented their country both nationally and internationally with star studded and diplomatic visits; advertisements and for charity performances.


Representation, Corporate Entertainment, Casting, Themed Events, Stage Show, Touring Show, Dance

Main Sub - Categories: Acrobatics Solo Artists, Band


Caucasian toe technique; short sword with shield fencing, and dagger flinging; knee jumps, toe running, and circle turns on toe as well as knee; pantomime; gliding; a capella clogging; and acrobatics.



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