Our Artists

c357cdd5981e19c74ebb21b9efd41bec_BELLA_KINETICA_Shot_4.jpg Bella Kinetica As seen on national TV, Bella Kinetica enchant, excite and amaze the audience as they hang by their toes, spin by their necks, and skate circles around everyone else. This award winning duo will astound you with their 'death-defying' routines, with 'pace, danger and glamour'.
band_in_weybread.jpg Swervy World Dance Band, Show Band, Circus Band, Theatre Band, Street Band. Seriously accomplished Musicianship with a good sense of fun!
image.jpg Sophie Gomis Actress, & actress-on-stilts for walkabout performance
berties150813.jpg The Prevention Three piece band with a great light show gigging across the South West
Doras.jpg The Doras The Doras are an enchanting acoustic folk and folk/rock band playing authentic traditional folk and contemporary favorites.
544147_439582069481564_831282422_n.jpg Beachfield Beachfeild is one of Cornwall's most loved band with a history of uplifting and moving audiences since 2003
DuoSu DuoSu are International Acrobats who create unique high level Acrobatics Acts and Aerial performances. They have performed all over the globe, from Europe to China and at many red carpet events. Videos and pictures of their full Acts are available on their website: www.duosu.co.uk DuoSu are suitable for all events: from Corporate, T.V and Stage, to Cabaret, Community and Festivals.
1979240_628170920570586_1414886627_o.jpg Fluxo Aerial silks provide a vertical space where bodies unite in harmony, making a unique and elegant game of trust, energy and flexibility possible.
Portrait_1.jpg Jill Lamede Actor with a wealth of experience. Storyteller for adults and older children. Audio artist/narrator.
da534e1e36a4bdf3223fc7a500dc53cb_Fotor0213125046.jpg The Acrobattys female duo acrobatic/contortion/comedy